WBS for Project

MindView is a powerful WBS software application that allows you to add calculation fields to track cost or budget, and it includes project management capabilities that allow you to create task lists and Gantt charts from your WBS. MindView provides six interchangeable views, enabling you to create a WBS Structure in a top down or left-to-right layout and then transfer information directly to the built-in Gantt chart.

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WBS for Project

A WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) defines and groups a project's work elements, which helps to organize and define the project scope.  Additionally the WBS needs to be updated and revised by the project manager, as needed.  If this is true, then why would you create a WBS for projects on paper or in a static program?

Creating WBS for Projects

The answer is simple, you wouldn’t.  The most efficient way to create a WBS for Project is to use a WBS software program like MatchWare MindView.  One of the many advantages of using a Work Breakdown Structure software like MindView is that it is dynamic, easy to update, and is fully integrated with programs such as Microsoft Project®.

It is stated that the most important Work Breakdown Structure design principle is called the 100% Rule.  The 100% rule guides the evaluation, development and decomposition of the WBS for a project. The rule applies at all levels within the hierarchy, meaning the sum of the work at the “child” level must equal 100% of the work represented by the “parent”.  A software application like MatchWare MindView includes a calculation module which allows you to enter project critical information for developing and tracking the 100% rule.